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Powerful testimonials from IWA Students.

IWA programs have helped thousands of life coaches create passionate, fulfilling careers.
Professional Life Coaching Testimonials

Absolutely life-changing course!
“Amazing class! Rachel Eva is a phenomenal teacher and a pioneer in the field of integrative health and wellness. I would take ANY class she offers without hesitation.”
—Cindy, IWA Coach

New outlook, new understanding!
” The knowledge, tools, and techniques I have learned from this course have equipped me to become a successful Integrative Life Coach. I have gained a new understanding of how to create balance and wholeness in my life and guide my clients to do the same. I not only learned about myself and my own journey, but it has helped me to become a powerful life coach for others.”

Everything you need to know!
“I went in with very little knowledge about life coaching and holistic wellness, especially in topics like nutrition, fitness, and mind-body connection. I walked out feeling empowered and excited to be able to put this knowledge to use in my own life and in my life coaching practice  to inspire others!”

Powerful life coaching course!
“The teacher brought years of knowledge to the material and made it fun and interesting with multiple exercises and videos. I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to begin or expand their Integrative Life Coaching business; as well as, to people who want to learn more about becoming healthy in mind, body, and spirit.”

Confidence building and enlightening!
“I have gotten a better understanding of who I am and what my personal goals are. I also gained confidence to be a good coach and these are all things that the course gave me.”

Accomplishing a dream!
“I had dreamed about being a Life Coach, so taking this certification was a step towards accomplishing that dream! An Integrative Life Coach is a Life Coach but also incorporates the TOTAL body, mind, and spirit. I learned so much and was able to take great notes to help me in my business for the future. It was an amazing experience. Wow, I loved it!”

Powerful coaching models!
“The best part of the course was learning about the Inside-Out vs. Outside-In Coaching Model, understanding the four body systems, and creating my own “toolbox” of tools and techniques that I can implement in order to help my clients reach their goals more effectively.”

“This experience was a game-changer for me. It far exceeded what I imagined it would be. I appreciate IWA for the focus, commitment, and love that they clearly put into these courses.”

Impressive life coaching course!
“I was really impressed with the teacher’s knowledge and the structure of the course. It was packed with useful information that I can apply to my own life and hopefully to share with clients, too! I would recommend this course to anyone interested in attaining a Life Coaching Certification!”

Overwhelmed to confident coach!
“I didn’t expect to feel so confident after completing the program, but I gained invaluable confidence to become a life coach. At first I was a little overwhelmed, but was surprised how easy to learn the program actually was. I’m glad that I don’t feel lost or timid about applying program and feel confident to be able to coach others.”

Stellar Teaching!
“IWA communication is stellar, and the program is amazing. I truly feel I learned a great deal.”
—Melanie, IWA Coach

Prompt Technical Support!
“I had trouble registering on the website. I called and IWA had someone call me within 24 hours to help me resolve my issue over the phone. They were super nice and very helpful.”

Timely Help and Response!
“It’s a great course and they respond to questions and concerns right away! Thank you so much”

Master Life Coaching Testimonials

Confidence Building!
“When I decided to take the MPILC course, I was excited but a little apprehensive. I stuck to my instincts and reaped many benefits from those five intensive training days. I feel clearer about the material I learned in the IWLC Course and  more confident with powerful questioning.”
—IWA Master Coach

Educational and Fun!
“The MPILC course taught me advanced techniques to use with my clients. It was an educational yet fun course even if it looks like the days are long! You get to spend quality time with Rachel and ask questions. We got to practice with other  coaches, which was extremely useful. I am thankful to have taken the course. I wish everyone who takes the course much success.”
—Didi, IWA Master Coach

Take your coaching to the next level!
“The MPILC course gave me the tools I needed to immediately take my life coaching business to the next level. The material covered was extensive and thorough. The hands-on training helped me thoroughly understand the simple yet complicated concepts.”
—IWA Master Coach

Effective and practical!
“I have worked in the coaching field for many years. IWA’s methods are effective and practical. My clients make progress toward their goals with amazing results. The MPILC course gave me the tools I needed to immediately take my life coaching business to the next level. The material included was extensive and thorough and the training hands-on which helped me better understand the coaching concepts. I highly recommend the master level course.”
—Deb, IWA Master Coach

Take your coaching to the next level!
“After completing the IWLC certification program, I was inspired to take my coaching skills to the next level with the MPILC training. The focus of the master level course builds on the foundational skills I learned in the professional level course and expanded my coaching toolbox. As a Master Career Coach, I have applied this advanced knowledge to connected with clients and grow my own practice. I highly recommend the master certification to anyone looking to take their practice to the next level.”
—Courtney, IWA Master Coach

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